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Les Graff

Les Graff

Banff International String Quartet Competition (BISQC) 2019

Les Graff
Quartet Show

Les Graff RCA is the Willock & Sax Gallery feature artist during the Banff International String Quartet Competition (BISQC), August 26– September 1 and continues until the end of September.

Large, bold, colorful, abstract oils on canvas are Graff's distillations of prairie and mountain landscapes and playfulness with colour.

During BISQC there will be a Quartet performance in the gallery on Saturday Aug 31 starting at 4:30

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - September.

Reception Date Saturday, September 28, noon to 5 pm.

Jane Isakson

Jane Isakson

Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival 2019

Jane Isakson
Mountains I Have Met

Jane Isakson is our feature artist for the 2019 Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival

"Growing up on the prairies, I was always heading for higher ground, someplace where I could look out over the landscape…. I still have that reflexive response. From small, unnamed mountains close to home that I have had the opportunity to get to know well, to famous iconic mountains only glimpsed from a distance, welcome to an exhibit of paintings of Mountains I have met."

We invite you meet Jane and talk about her mountains.

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - Film & Book Festival.

October 26 - November 3

Reception Date Saturday, 26 October, noon to 5 pm.
artist in attendance

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

What Can I Say?

Charles Noble - poet

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

A poetry book launch and exhibition.

Allan Harding MacKay's work Boreal Smouldering is the front cover image for Charles Noble's new collection of poems. Therefore, it is fitting to coordinate an exhibition of Harding MacKay's evocative pieces with the launch of Noble's book.

Join us for poetry readings surrounded by the Boreal Forest.

Charles Noble is now semi-retired from farming and tills a different soil. He cultivates words—as an avid student of social and economic philosophy reading deeply into the heaviest tomes, and as a practising poet with 12 books to his credit. His work has appeared with publishers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario (Steven Ross Smith, “Deep In The Furrows A Four-Generation Noble Venture.” AlbertaViews, June 2018).

Denying the literal depiction of landscape in his paintings does not mean that Allan Harding MacKay engages any less with place. It is clear that he is caught up with its drama, its light, and its inevitable evolution. Utilizing a long list of media, including wax and inkjet, the artist manipulates and compresses visual information into a pre-determined squared format that quietly references the sublime intent of 19th C. Romantic landscape technique.

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - November.

Reception Date Saturday, 16 November, noon to 5 pm.
author in attendance, reading times TBA

Jacqueline Stehelin

Jacqueline Stehelin

Christmas Banff Show

Jacqueline Stehelin

Tom Willock

Ed Bamiling

Jacqueline Stehelin, Tom Willock and Ed Bamiling are our feature artists for Christmas 2019

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - December.

Reception, 7 December, noon to 5 pm.

Mitchell Fenton

Mitchell Fenton

SnowDays 2020

Mitchell Fenton
Winter Show

Mitchell Fenton is our feature artist for the 2020 Banff SnowDays Festival

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - SnowDays 2020.

January 15 to 26

Bradley Keys

Bradley Keys

May 2020

Bradley Keys
May Show

Bradley Keys is our feature artist for the May 2020

special places, where the human spirit joins freely to the movement of the land

Tom Willock, A Prairie Coulee, 1990

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