Past Exhibitions and Features

into our third decade, since 1998

Martin McWilliam - The Vessel & Its Image

Martin McWilliam - The Vessel & Its Image

July Feature

Martin McWilliam
The Vessel & It's Image

Martin McWilliam, previously in residency at The Banff Centre, is our feature artist for July.

Ceramic sculptures have arrived into the gallery with McWilliam's classic trompe-l'oeil effects, which deceive the eye and demand a second look.

Successful trompe-l'oeil occupies a very shallow space yet persuades the viewer there is volume. McWilliam works with these effects and constructs multidimensional ceramic 'vessels' that are exciting and always command a ‘second take.”

Jackie Anderson RCA, Roots (Frank Lloyd Wright's Roloson Row Houses, 1894)

Jackie Anderson RCA, Roots (Frank Lloyd Wright's Roloson Row Houses, 1894).

Elena Van Dakuroff, textile artist/couturier, Dress 6: Kala.

Elena Van Dakuroff, textile artist/couturier, Dress 6: Kala.

George Weber CPE (1907-2002), Sundance of the Peigans, Brockett, Alberta, 1970, serigraph/paper

George Weber CPE (1907-2002), Sundance of the Peigans, Brockett, Alberta, 1970, serigraph/paper

June through July

Finery and Fashion

Enjoy an afternoon of fine jewellery and stunning fashion with handcrafted fine jewellery and Frank Lloyd Wright inspired brooches by Jackie Anderson RCA - award winning jewellery designer coordinated with elegant dresses designed and created by Elena Van Dakuroff – textile artist / couturier.

Jackie Anderson RCA - award winning jewellery designer
Elena Van Dakuroff - textile artist / couturier

Reception and Event: Saturday, 22 June, 2 to 6 pm.

To celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day and as part of
Banff Gallery Hop - Celebrating Banff Iniskim Cross-Cultural PowWow
-To celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day we have a feature of Indigenous works from the Gallery Collection – including Allen Sapp, Shuvinai Ashoona RCA.

Indigenous - Inuit Collection

Indigenous - First Nations Collection

Sean Kunz

Sean Kunz

Gallery Hop

Sean Kunz
Glaciers and Lakes - Ritual and Conservation

The theme of glaciers and lakes has spurred Sean Kunz to produce a series of pots specifically related to water, its conservation, and its use. The Series incorporates historic themes around ritual water vessels as well as contemporary features on filtration and water use. Just for fun think about northern lights and birds.

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - May Long Weekend.

Reception: Saturday, 18 May, 2 to 6 pm.

Euphemia McNaught AOCA

Euphemia McNaught AOCA

Pop Up Exhibition

Euphemia McNaught

We are thrilled to present watercolours, block prints and oil paintings by Euphemia McNaught AOCA (1902-2002). Over the last twenty years we have had a number of works by this artist in the gallery. However, we have never had so many at one time. It is tremendous fun!

Primarily known as a painter of the northern Alberta landscape and the built environment of the homesteads, McNaught’s work documenting the construction of the Alaska Highway in the 1940s, with her friend Evy McBryan, has been well recognized. During WWII, the two artists were granted permission for the project from the Prime Minister of Canada, Mackenzie King. She worked in many media beyond painting and drawing: the bronze plaque on the Lars Haukness grave in the Old Banff Cemetery is one of her pieces. McNaught’s love of animals is very evident as she drew, painted and sculpted horses and wildlife throughout her career.

Ruth Chambers

Ruth Chambers


...And Victory Goes To The Flowers***

*** Tom Willock, A Prairie Coulee, p.79.

After the lengthy winter cold stretches in Western Canada the rebirth of spring is always completely welcome. So, we have gathered a wonderful grouping of flowers in paint and in clay to embrace the glory of spring. As Mary-Beth Laviolette states "flowers continue to inspire new interpretations (A Delicate Art, p.9)." Our flower show includes the ceramic works by Ruth Chambers, oil paintings by local Banff artist Susan Elkins, and watercolours by D. Helen Mackie RCA (1926-2018).

Ruth Chambers
Susan Elkins
D. Helen Mackie RCA (1926-2018)

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - Easter.

Murray McDonnell

Yuriko Kitamura
Jacqueline Stehelin
George Weber CPE (1907-2002)

Margaret Shelton CPE, ASA (1915-84)

Margaret Shelton CPE, ASA (1915-84)

March - Spring Break Gallery Hop

Margaret Shelton Block Prints - 1930-1940

The Willock & Sax Gallery presents Margaret Shelton, Block Prints 1930s & 1940s, a look at classic Alberta and its art of an earlier era. Over 80 years ago Margaret Shelton began making block prints of her world in Banff National Park, Calgary and the Drumheller Valley.

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - Spring Break.

Reception: Saturday, 23 March, 2 to 6 pm.

Obsession, Sir William Van Horne's Japanese Ceramics

Obsession, Sir William Van Horne's Japanese Ceramics

Family Day Weekend Gallery Hop

There is a book theme throughout the participating galleries.

Let's Read - Books

It must be February, a good time to snuggle in with a good book.

Reading is a wonderful way to seek understanding and empathy, it feeds imaginings, and it builds a better world.

For Family Day Weekend the Willock & Sax Gallery celebrates reading and books for children and adults, from a variety of publishers.

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - Family Day Weekend.

Reception: Saturday, 16 February, 2 to 6 pm.


End-Shelf Books - Pay-As-You-Wish

End-Shelf Books literally are on the end-shelf of our work table. They are used books ready for you to pay-what-you-wish. The cash funds will be donated to the Banff Public Library.

Gallery Hop - 26 January

Gallery Hop - 26 January

January Gallery Hop

during Banff SnowDays - January 16 - 27, 2019

Abiding Harmony - Yuriko Kitamura

Yuriko Kitamura's aesthetic approach exquisitely captures nature's timeless serenity. In January 2019 we are featuring her watercolours, drawings and dye-paintings as part of Banff Gallery Hop - SnowDays.

Reception: Saturday, 26 January, 2 to 6 pm.

Plus Updates for:


Robin DuPont
Sean Kunz

Susan Elkins
Mitchell Fenton
Murray McDonnell


Thelma Manarey
Clarence Tillenius

Past Exhibitions from 2018 and earlier

Tom Willock -



Reception during the Banff Gallery Hop
Saturday, 8 December, 2 - 6 pm

We have been in business since 1998, with experience in the cultural sector since the 1960s – what better way to begin 20th Anniversary Celebrations than to showcase Waterton/Glacier - traditional large/medium format gelatin silver prints by Tom Willock (co-owner).

Reception Schedule:
Christmas Sing-Along with the Castle Carolers at 3:15 pm
Q&A with Tom Willock at 3:30 pm.

Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival Exhibition

Jeremy Mayne - Lake Colours II

October 27 to November 10

Reception during the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival

Saturday, 3 November, 3 - 6 pm

Jeremy Mayne explores the intricacies of peak formations and the glorious colour of our mountain lakes with their sunshine, glacial till and breathtaking iridescence within his own vocabulary of colour, collage and other media on paper.

Sarah Pike


Explore the world of Sarah Pike's slab-built textured stoneware. Pike produces function ware with attitude – “slab work with a twist so to speak”

Also new work by:

Murray McDonnell


Don Frache

Don Frache’s oeuvre (body of work) covers a wide range of subject matter, although his primary love was landscape and western history, he also painted a sizeable number of portraits and murals.

Frache was part of an early group of artists who took serious the development of a truly western based/Alberta art practice. His talent as a painter allowed him to depict contemporary Alberta and Albertans as well as recreating early scenes of settlement and development for those collectors hungry for images of Western Canada. His watercolors and oils offer images of the diversity of ranchland, farmland, mountains, forest, and prairie that make up the Western Canadian context. His palette displays the rich earthy colors and wide range of tonal values of those environments.


Also New In The Gallery Work by:

Walter J. Phillips RCA (1884-1963)

Nathalie Thibault

Banff Blue

Allan Harding MacKay RCA


A new series and a farewell - Banff Blue is AHM's final series created in Banff, since, for the time being, he is leaving his home here to return to the east coast.

The artist has long united painting and photography within his practice to position the viewer between illusion and reality. Based on spontaneous snap-shots gathered from his daily walks in Banff, the artist has then altered that image in advance of drawing into it with pastels, ink, charcoal and wax.

This new series of abstracted mountain scenes evoke mystery among the mists and trees, referencing the artist's earlier Banff, Boreal and Boreal Smoldering Series, all the while putting forward ideas of sublime other worlds, enigmatic endings and new beginnings.

Within a 21st C. context, this powerful combination invites evocations of moody sublimity, contemplation of the art history of landscape, as well as introspection of our reactions to environment – dramatic or otherwise.


Also New In The Gallery Work by:

Barb Tipton

Noriko Masuda

Murray McDonnell

Nathalie Thibault

It is all about Water

Georgina Perkins Hunt ----- Water - A Mountain Gift

Bradley Keys ----- Mountain Peaks & Glacial Waters

Robert Sandford ----- Our Vanishing Glaciers


New works by:

Jackie Anderson RCA

Ruth Chambers

Mitchell Fenton

Sarah Pike

We had new work in the gallery for May and have necessarily shifted Sarah Pike's solo exhibition:

..the dates keep a changin' - we WILL have a show of new work by Sarah Pike - barring bikes and date changes

Also New Work in the Gallery by

Jeremy Mayne

Susan Elkins

Ruth Chambers

April Exhibition

Walter J. Phillips RCA (1884-1963) - Setting The Scene

The work of Walter J. Phillips embodies local landscapes and human activities in those landscapes using a vocabulary forged in Japanese woodcut processes. Good art is rooted in the particular and Phillips’ unequivocal way of seeing provides evidence of his enduring attention to place and his self-conscious awareness of the art of past times.

The diverse content of people and scenery in the works of this exhibition provide a perspective on the artist’s range of interests within the context of his natural and human worlds. He sets the scene with his observations and offers glimpses of this milieu through the use of light and color.

Also, new into the gallery:

Jeannie Mah

Sean Kunz

March Features

Jane Isakson - Skoki Winter Visit

Jane Isakson's art practice is inspired by nature. Whether it is landscape or abstract painting, it is a search for symbol and meaning within the workings of nature that leads her to the act of observation and of painting.

Also, new into the gallery:

Henry Napartuk

February Features

Shuvinai Ashoona RCA - Resonant With Promise

Concern for the state of world events has increasingly become part of Shuvinai Ashoona’s art practice. She belongs to the middle generation of Inuit artists who hover somewhere between the old and new worlds of the Arctic, negotiating an identity that is at once introspective and worldly. Her work visualizes an Inuit world view within the context of her self-referential images. She challenges us to relate to life in the Arctic and her own creative sphere. We are pleased to present a number of her drawings.

Martin McWilliam

Martin McWilliam stopped in with trompe l’oeil woodfired jars - the effects and multidimensional construction of his ceramic works are exciting and always determine a ‘second take'.

Also, updates to:

Ed Drahanchuk

Tom Willock

Features for the New Year

Georgina Perkins Hunt


Allan Harding MacKay RCA

January 2018

Happy New Year! To usher in 2018 in January we are featuring snowy mountains and forests by Banff artist Allan Harding MacKay and paintings by Georgina Perkins Hunt who spends her time in the high alpine areas in and around Banff, Lake Louise and Lake O’Hara.

Celebrate Canada 150 in 2017

New Works for the Birthday Year

Evolving exhibitions of new work by a great variety of artists, celebrating creativity and art in our wonderful country. Happy Birthday Canada!

The Willock & Sax Gallery’s final exhibition of Celebrate Canada 150 salutes the fine printmaking and painting of D. Helen Mackie RCA. "The Printmaker’s Hand" encompasses a number of print series as well as watercolors which span her career as an artist from the early 1970s through to the early 2000s.

It has been a tremendous year of offering wonderful work by a wide range of terrific artists, thank you to the artists for their creativity and our friends and patrons for their support.

All the very best of the season and for the New Year from Tom, Susan and Jennie

We started the year here

January - Ed Bamiling - New Works For A New Year - Whimsy Cups

February - E. Ross Bradley - Coming One After Another - Digital Series

March - Introducing Jennifer Dawes - Funky, fun ceramics

April - Robin Hopper - New In The Gallery
April - welcoming Susan Elkins

May - Lake Colours by Jeremy Mayne
May - Roger Olson - Wonderful Wood Workings

June - Robin DuPont - FLOW
June - Jackie Anderson - Spring Refresh
June - Dean Tatam Reeves - Blue Sky

July - Mountain Vistas
Bradley Keys
George Weber CPE (1907-2002)

August into September - PEACE AND LEARNING
Amy Loewan - shuen paper weavings
Cape Dorset Sculpture
Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture

September -
Light In The Foothills - Chris Stoffel Overvoorde

October Features
Allan Harding MacKay RCA - Boreal Series
Bradley Keys - New Work
Susan Elkins - New Work

October into November -
Mountain Mystery - The Prime Elements - Peter Deacon RCA

December -
The Printmaker's Hand - D. Helen Mackie RCA

and ended a spectular year here.

Celebrate Canada 150

The Printmaker's Hand

D. Helen Mackie RCA

December 1 to 31

The Willock & Sax Gallery’s final exhibition of Celebrate Canada 150 salutes the fine printmaking and painting of D. Helen Mackie RCA. "The Printmaker’s Hand" encompasses a number of print series as well as watercolors which span her career as an artist from the early 1970s through to the early 2000s.

Celebrate Canada 150

Mountain Mystery - The Prime Elements

Peter Deacon RCA

Part of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Using the Continental Divide west of Calgary as a symbolic and geographical metaphor, Peter Deacon references locations on or near the 51st parallel to explore concepts relating to West/East division and North/South unity.

Celebrate Canada 150


Allan Harding MacKay RCA

Allan Harding MacKay is in the trees with his latest Series.

The artist integrates painting and photography into one image to go beyond the pictorial experience and play with the juxtaposition of reality and illusion.

Also see

New Work

Susan Elkins uses colour to express the arrangements and harmonies of her subjects, whether it is mountain peaks, still life or sun-filled flower gardens.

Bradley Keys is back in the studio with an emphasis on whimsy, flow and rhythm. The artist has produced energetic vessels that speak, through his established palette, forms and textures, to prairies, mountains, fields, water and sky.
Celebrate Canada 150


Chris Stoffel Overvoorde

Artist Reception, Monday, September 4

Chris is Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Art, Calvin College (1966-96) and has been represented in Canada for close to twenty years by the Willock & Sax Gallery. This past August he spent time at the University of Lethbridge Gushul Studio in Blairmore, Alberta.

Also see

Peace and Learning Projects

Working with the premise that everyone in the world understands the words and concepts of peace, cooperation and learning, we are featuring work by a number of artists who fully embrace these ideas. Woven shuen paper works by Amy Loewan and serpentine sculpture from cooperatives in Cape Dorset (Baffin Island) and Tengenenge, Zimbabwe.

Celebrate Canada 150

Mountain Vistas

Bradley Keys

George Weber CPE (1907-2002)

With the gorgeous days of summer upon us, it is time to celebrate our Mountain Vistas. To do so we feature new ceramic vessels by Bradley Keys and the historical serigraphs of George Weber. These two artists provide us with stunning images of mountain peaks, lakes and foothills.

Bradley Keys - an artist long interested in what makes the earth work. He considers the rhythms of the landscape, the wind, and gravel under our feet, which he translates into ceramic vessels that encompass the greater scope. Known for his wonderful glazes that contribute to animated vessel forms, the works allow us to relate to mountain slopes, glacial reaches, prairie sloughs, and alpine meadows.

George Weber – a selection of George Weber’s mountain serigraphs that record wilderness areas in Banff, Jasper, Mt. Robson and points south ranging from glaciers and mountains, a Sundance among the Peigan, rivers and streams and wildflowers.

A special treat is a 1954 oil by Roland Gissing of the mountains around Seebe.

Celebrate Canada 150

Robin DuPont


Porcelain vessels teem with surface texture and pattern in our June Feature of Robin DuPont’s new works. Known for his atmospheric wood firing from his anagama kiln, the artist also fires with train and soda kilns. This new work involves pieces from all these various ways of firing, which reveal subtle and inexplicable tones, surfaces, and effects.

Celebrate Canada 150
May 12 - 26

Jeremy Mayne

Lake Colours

Jeremy Mayne explores the glorious colour of our mountain lakes with their sunshine, glacial till and breathtaking iridescence within his own vocabulary of colour, collage and other media on paper.

Celebrate Canada 150

Susan Elkins

Images of Light & Colour

Welcoming to our gallery the impressionist works of Banff artist Susan Elkins - Her concern is with effect, layers of color, calm balance, and strength of light.


Part of Celebrate Canada 150 - March 2017 Feature

Jennifer Dawes

My work comes from a profound passion for pop culture and nerd references. Each vessel is not only a canvas for decoration but also is its own language of form. Utilizing an array of mark-making techniques such as sgraffito, under-glazing, glazing and luster, I create depth and complexity in the surfaces. The vessels relate to the historical form and decoration of 19th C. vessels and Baroque decorative style, which I contextualize within my own spectrum of identity in order to study pop culture themes.

Coming One After Another
- Digital Series -

E. Ross Bradley

Part of Celebrate Canada 150 - February 2017 Feature

Photographs in series by an artist who recognizes themes from diverse angles. Whether it is figures, textures or panoramas the artist’s expressive images consider interactions and relationships.

E. Ross Bradley has a long-standing love affair with Banff. Dating back three generations, the town site and surrounding mountains and rivers have played an important part in his family’s life.

New Work for a New Year

Ed Bamiling

Part of Celebrate Canada 150 - January 2017 Feature

Whimsy Cups and Wands - what fun!

Cup & Saucers reference the idea of function and Wands speak to earthly origins; on the other hand the textures and surfaces speak to time, geology and natural forces.

A practicing artist for more than 30 years, at The Banff Centre Ed Bamiling has been a Leadership Development facilitator for ten years, guiding creativity sessions with both public and custom programs, and is the Ceramics Facilitator with Visual Arts, in charge of all aspects of operating the ceramics studio, as well as consulting with and assisting resident artists on their projects. He has exhibited his work widely in solo and group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.


***recent update

- Woodblocks by Walter J. Phillips RCA

featuring Fine Art Limited Edition Prints

A limited edition fine art print is not a reproduction of a painting, it is an artwork made to be a print, which offers the opportunity of multiples. It can be an etching, a woodcut, a linoblock, a serigraph, a stencil or a lithograph. Lithographs can be very painterly and all processes can have layers registered to different colours with several blocks or stones.

In the Gallery

featuring Annora Brown OCA, CPE (1899-1987)

The flowers and plants of the Fort MacLeod area, which she commonly used as subject matter, influenced Brown. She tried to paint the feel of the flowers, as opposed to their biological structure. She had extensive knowledge of Alberta's flowers, as she traveled throughout the province, taking long hikes to study different flowers in full bloom, at numerous times of the year.

Bright & Beautiful

December 1 to 24

Jackie Anderson RCA - Jewellery

Bright and beautiful - her exploration of concept, line, colours and materials result in evocative and whimsical works inspired by the ever evolving visual language of our natural, cultural and urban landscapes.

A Teapot for Christmas?

featuring teapots from five gallery artists

How to make a wonderful cup of tea:

1. gift or get a teapot you will love (make your choice from these beautiful teapots by Sean Kunz, Noriko Masuda, Terry Hildebrand, Dan Murphy and Robin DuPont).

2. "How to make a good pot of tea" from the Banff Tea Company

Historic Photographs

from the late 1800s into the mid-1900s

Handtints and gelatin silver photographs from local as well as itinerant photographers, who explored the mountains with their cameras.

October 26 - November 23

Finding The Alpine

Mixed Media Paintings - Allan Harding MacKay RCA

Reception, Saturday, November 5, 3 to 6 pm

Allan Harding MacKay will conduct a walkabout discussion on his FINDING THE ALPINE exhibition (4:30 pm).

Contemporary and historic paintings by a senior Canadian artist that explore transitions, the dramatic moments, and the clash of weather systems; all predicated on the idea of alpine defined by the Swiss Alps and the Canadian Rockies.

It features recent responses to the Canadian Rockies and dramatic events of fire and weather as well as choice works from his earlier Swiss Alps and Source/Derivations Series. A striking, atmospheric collection, which emphasizes Allan’s long-standing interests, that we know will amaze and astonish with their depth and intensity.

part of the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival & Gallery Hop.

October 8 - 31

Directions Of His Own

Fine Art Works by John Chalke RCA (1940-2014)

Known for his alchemic ability with both clay and glaze, works are from the artist’s estate and other collections. The array of subject, texture and form span Chalke’s career and provide insight into his distinct interests and directions.

The exhibition involves works from the 1960s through to 2014, encompassing both fine art sculptures as well as function ware. There are large wall chargers, early stoneware sculptures, glaze encrusted plates where the artist explored his ideas on Alberta as well as a number of his test plates – every firing of this artist included glaze tests – called Incredibowls. Chalke was an alchemist with glaze and clay, often singled out for his unusual surfaces. The works in this exhibition, actually the remaining pieces from his estate, offer up incredible color as well as textures and forms that defy your understanding of how they were achieved. He inspires us to think about degrees of understanding and momentary points in our history, about naturalism and theatricality in ceramics, about empathy and collective mindsets – and about extreme measures of communication through visual images and objects and how we relate to them. Whatever one believes, or whatever direction your understanding is coming from, John Chalke’s works have presence. They remain in your mind and in your physical memory.

John Chalke visually and intellectually challenged ceramics for almost 50 years. He excelled in the three-dimensionality of ceramics; he loved material as well as mark, and the push-pull interaction between artistic concept and utilitarian reference. When not making, he was a constant researcher into glazes, clays, kilns, others who work or have worked in clay. John Chalke is considered one of the “most influential and important ceramists” of the last 70 years. His work is found in many private and public collections and is represented in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England (one of only a few Canadians honored in that collection).

Culture Days Tea at the Willock & Sax Gallery

Culture Days' Tea at the Willock & Sax Gallery

Breakfast Reception
for Buffalo Days

Thursday, September 29

10 am to noon

Culture Days' Tea

Friday - Sunday

September 30, October 1 & 2

1 to 4 pm daily

During Culture Days enjoy light refreshments and celebrate the return of the Bison to the Panther River Valley of Banff National Park; part of the American Bison Society and the Bison Treaty Celebrations in Banff as well as Banff's Buffalo Days, a Feature Celebration Site, supported by Alberta Culture Days.

Image: Tom Willock, Bull: Buffalo Paddock, Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, 1971, traditional gelatin silver black and white photograph

Douglas Haynes (1936-2016)

Panajachel Series

September 14 - 21

New into the gallery, works from the last series of one of the most respected modernist painters in Canada. Douglas Haynes was recognized particularly for his reflective response to historical styles, which he mediated through his own abstract vocabulary.

Arthur Lismer RCA, Fallen Log in the Forest, Galiano, oil/wood panel

Arthur Lismer RCA, Fallen Log in the Forest, Galiano, oil/wood panel

Arthur Lismer RCA


The West Coast - 1951-68

Fascinated by the richness of the west coast of Canada, Arthur Lismer would spend upwards of six weeks each summer painting both the wider ocean views and the inner forests.

In Fallen Log in the Forest, Galiano, Lismer’s bold brush-strokes, insertion of gestural lines and the textural approach in his application of paint emphasize the dense world of the West Coast rain forest. This painting conveys the intensely verdant forest floor with its new and old growth. Lismer commented that “you could get lost in the dense tropical growth.” The work is an exemplar of Lismer’s late career concentration on abundant foregrounds and tightly framed, compact compositions of vegetation, shorelines and forest growth. Splashes of lime and orange animate the surface to draw attention to the regenerative nature of the rain forest; the decomposing log serves as host to bring about new growth.

Leading Up To

Considering the Wild
- wildlife work of Dwayne Harty

we are showcasing 30 delightful watercolors by Dwayne Harty that he produced to illustrate the natural history text MAMMALS IN NORTH AMERICA by Robert E. Wrigley (Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, 1986). Collaborations between Dwayne Harty and Robert Wrigley extend to "Manitoba's Big Cat: The Story of the Cougar in Manitoba" and the children's book "Large Mammals."

August Feature of

Serigraphs by

George Weber


Featuring serigraphs (more nuanced silkscreens) from the 1940s to 1980s - Weber’s body of serigraphs, airbrush stencils and watercolors document Alberta’s transformation from depression-era wild west to urban and industrial growth. His work records wilderness areas as well as the human impact on the variety of landscapes found in Alberta: glaciers and mountains, a Sundance among the Peigan, pumpjacks and grain elevators, wildflowers, and a multitude of views of city life.

Mitchell Fenton, Hot Springs, oil/panel

Mitchell Fenton, Hot Springs, oil/panel

Mitchell Fenton, Hot Springs Postcard

Mitchell Fenton, Hot Springs Postcard

Celebrate 130 Years


Mitchell Fenton - Hot Springs

The Postcards have arrived!

Banff National Park’s Upper Hot Springs (1886-2016) is celebrating 130 years.  This festivity prompted the commissioning of Hot Springs Postcards by Mitchell Fenton, available at the National Historic Site at 1 Mountain Avenue, up Sulphur Mountain here in Banff National Park. 

Here at our gallery we are excited to provide you with the opportunity to “own a piece of history” as we have for sale Mitchell’s original oil paintings from the project.

Roland Gissing, Far Horizon, 1963, oil/panel

Roland Gissing, Far Horizon, 1963, oil/panel

The Sweetgrass Hills

Roland Gissing


Gissing travelled the reach of Alberta to paint the province’s magnificent landscape, from the southern border with Montana, with its striking vistas of the Sweetgrass Hills, to the Peace River Country and along the eastern prairies. Although he is best known for his paintings of the foothills and mountains, which speak to majesty, awe and connectedness, his images of the other, no less dramatic locations, remind us of our roots in the land. Depending on the need, he would go by car, packhorse, or by foot to reach the locations that offered him the best vantage points.

The two paintings by Roland Gissing that have arrived in the gallery are from separate private collections and offer images of the disappearing short-grass prairie as well as early harvesting practices, all with the backdrop of the volcanic Sweetgrass Hills that dominate the southeastern border of Alberta and Montana, east of the Town of Milk River.

July Online Feature of

Watercolors by

Margaret Shelton


The wide range of imagery shows Margaret's insatiable desire to travel and record that travel with her artwork. They also indicate the artist's concern with technique; she searched for appropriate means to communicate what she saw. Not only are there images from Banff, but also the high alpine areas from Yoho and Jasper, out in the foothills and prairies around Calgary, the Red Deer River and Drumheller areas.

June 4 - 30


wood fired vessels - Dan Murphy & Robin Dupont

The Willock & Sax Gallery presents “FLUX,” an exhibition of wood fired vessels by Dan Murphy and Robin DuPont that establishes context as a contributing factor of ceramic practice.

In this exhibition, Murphy and DuPont explore how the circumstance of their respective practices - the clay, the wood, the kiln, the time of year, the weather, the colleagues who help fire – affect the pots that emerge from the kiln. They are motivated by how the specific context of particular firings produces distinctive results.

Both artists are in Banff to conduct a Banff Centre residency (Kiln Raising, May 30 to June 24) on wood firing processes and kiln construction. Their aim is to build and fire The Banff Centre’s first wood fired Train Kiln, named for its elongated rectangular shape suggestive of a rail car.

Hence, what better time to present their stoneware vessels from prior firings in Robin DuPont’s own anagama kiln as well as Dan Murphy’s studio in Utah and the Red Lodge Clay Center, Montana. Explore the effects of wood firing techniques: ash deposits, flashings, natural glaze surfaces, the tones and textures characteristic of wood fired vessels.

Dan Murphy is an artist and associate professor of art with twenty years of experience firing wood-burning kilns. Robin DuPont specializes in atmospheric wood fired pottery; a process that reveals subtle and inexplicable tones, surfaces, and effects.

Illingworth Kerr RCA

Illingworth Kerr RCA

Mary Kerr

Mary Kerr

A Wonderful Coincidence – the Arizona Paintings

Illingworth Kerr, Near Tortilla Flats, Arizona, Apache Trail, 1977, oil/panel, 16x20 inches

Mary Kerr, Suguaros & Paloverde, Mesa AZ, 1977, oil on panel

Both Mary and Illingworth were born in Saskatchewan. They lived lives filled with art, books and travel. These two paintings were completed during a 1977 trip to Arizona. They are examples of the close working relationship of the Kerr’s during their various and multiple painting trips. Throughout their married life, the artists demonstrated a love to document their travel experiences. Arizona was a frequent destination and the locations of these two works are within one hour of each other, near Scottsdale.

These Arizona paintings arrived in our gallery from two different collections. The works led divergent lives.

By a wonderful coincidence they have come together in our gallery. It is a tremendous opportunity to view them side by side.

Illingworth Kerr applied paint heavily, with broken brushstrokes, across the surface of this painting; this plays with the effects of light and his colour expression, while adhering to a formal structure of the pictorial space.

Mary Kerr’s sense of colour and design was innate; she worked out colour and form across the surface of her paintings in her own way.

In 1947 Illingworth Kerr began his twenty year career as head of the Art Department of the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art (now the Alberta College of Art and Design). With his retirement he concentrated on his art practice, continuing to paint landscapes and wildlife, as well as portraits of political figures. In 1973 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Calgary. In 1983 he received the Order of Canada.

Mary Kerr was considered a natural artist whose favourite subjects included landscapes, flowers, and animals. Although never prolific, there is a solid body of work from this dedicated artist, which occasionally surfaces from long-held collections.

May 6 & 7

Banff Gallery & Wine Hop

Friday May 6 • 5pm – 8pm
Saturday May 7 • 3pm – 6pm

Tour galleries at your leisure. Enjoy different Wine Tastings at each venue along with tasty appetizers. Wine Tastings available for a nominal cost of $1 each. Artists will be present at some locations to mix + mingle, share stories and discuss what inspires them. Each guest joining the hop will receive their own Take-home Picnic Wine Glass & Gift Bag.

Visit all 4 participating galleries, pick up your Gallery Hop Postcard at any of the galleries, collect a stamp at each gallery and then enter to win the perfect excuse to come back to Banff - An exclusive dining + accommodation package!

Participating Venues
All In The Wild Photography • 105 Banff Avenue
Gingko & Ink Atelier • Harmony Lane, 111 Banff Ave
Canada House Gallery • 201 Bear Street
Willock & Sax Gallery • 210 Bear Street

April Feature

Cape Dorset Drawings and Sculpture

weekly updates on our historical and contemporary drawings and sculpture by Cape Dorset artists.

Tom Willock, Lower Bertha Falls, Waterton Lakes National Park

Tom Willock, Lower Bertha Falls, Waterton Lakes National Park

Tom Willock
Immersed in Waterton

Travelling Exhibition

after travelling across Alberta through the TREX Program, this exhibition has been retired. According to Xanthe Isbister, curator, the exhibition was very well received, it was exhibited in 27 host venues with a grand total of 13,000 visitors from across the province.

These photograph are intimate and intuitive records infused with our sense of belonging.

for more information look at the Alberta Foundation for the Arts TREX Program website

Watercolors, Sculpture, Oils

F. W. Brander

An artist who travelled the world, including here in Banff, Lake Louise and Waterton, yet little is known of this person (considered to be British) who painted charming scenes wherever he/she journeyed.

Ed Bamiling

Sculptural ceramic works - "moist clay is alive and ripe with promise, poised to respond to pressure and suggestion, to become something else."

Gerald Faulder

A new selection of oil on paper paintings, for which Gerald painted plein air around Banff National Park, Lake Louise and the Bow Valley as well as in Jasper National Park.

Peter von Tiesenhausen, Residuum, The Book

Peter von Tiesenhausen, Residuum, The Book, aspen ash watercolor painting on aspen pulp / bound with steel strapping, bolted 3 times.

at The Banff Centre
October 2015 to January 2016

Four Locations and a Line of Text

Four Locations and a Line of Text is a selection of Artists' Bookworks, many from The Banff Centre Library Collection, that consider how their structure, their material and their content guide their reading. The focus is on Artists' Bookworks by Land Artists, artists whose works are creations on or from the landscape directly. Over the course of more than thirty books, displayed over four locations at The Banff Centre, groupings of bookworks are presented that consider the correlation between the physical action of moving through Landworks with that of reading their Bookworks. See more plus the catalogue.

Four locations at The Banff Centre:
Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives (note the Library is closed Saturdays)
Kinnear Centre (Lobby)
Max Bell Building (Lobby)
Sally Borden Building (Atrium)

Curated by Susan Sax-Willock.

December 1 - 19

WOOD WATER - a celebration

D. Helen Mackie RCA

- a solo exhibition celebrating the rich oeuvre of D. Helen Mackie, who created worlds of imagination, surprise, interconnectivity, whimsy and joy in her block prints and watercolors.

Reception, Saturday, December 5, 3 to 5 pm, artist in attendance.

Castle Carolers in the gallery at 3:30 pm

Edges & Ledges

paintings by

Georgina Perkins Hunt

Edges & Ledges is a solo exhibition of high alpine paintings by Georgina Perkins Hunt, which represent her past summer’s adventures in the Canadian Rockies and then her winter’s studio work. High ridges and rock fall are seen from the vantage point of an artist who has been there, scrambling, climbing and taking in the vast vistas from the mountain top. Her interest in light and chiaroscuro are evident as dramatic light and shadow touches mountain peaks or deep crevasses.


during Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival and Mountain Gallery Hop

Topographic - Bradley Keys

& The Makings VI

Topographic is a ceramic exhibition by Bradley Keys, an artist long interested in what makes the earth work. He considers the rhythms of the landscape, the wind, and gravel under our feet, which he translates into ceramic vessels that encompass the greater scope. Known for his wonderful glazes that contribute to animated vessel forms, the works allow us to relate to prairie sloughs, grain fields, mountain reaches and alpine meadows.

The Makings VI - Sixth Annual Ceramic Group Exhibition.

The Makings VI is our sixth annual exhibition, held during the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival, which showcases ceramic works by a select group of artists. Imagination and creativity are key to this show with functional and non-functional pieces integrated into an original display. Includes work by: Barb Tipton, Ed Bamiling, Emily Schroeder-Willis, Sarah Pike, Robin DuPont, and more.

Reception: Saturday, November 7, 3 to 5 pm

during Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival and Mountain Gallery Hop

Focus on Paper

Focus on Paper - a feature for the Friends of Dard Hunter Conference at The Banff Centre, their exhibition Wanderlust (October 21-23) at our gallery and the exhibition Four Locations and A Line of Text at The Banff Centre. Expand your ideas on paper works.

We have selected a number of works by gallery artists: shuen paper weavings by Amy Loewan (whose work has promoted peace and understanding for over 20 years), Yuriko Kitamura's mixed media paintings on sekishu white 30 gm kozo paper (works of refined elegance that offer images sensitive to both her Japanese heritage as well as a love of her adopted country). Peter von Tiesenhausen works with ash and pulp to offer intuitive meditations on aspen trees, the collage work of Douglas Haynes brings the light of Crete and Spain into the gallery and Ed Bamiling's clay sculptures literally are made with paper, whereas the paste papers, collages and book structures of Susan Kristoferson are hand dyed, hand marbled and handpainted.

October 21 - 23


Dard Hunter traveled extensively to various regions of the world in an effort to learn, understand, and educate. Each year the friends get together with the same goals in mind. Wanderlust, the Friends of Dard Hunter’s 2015 Members’ Exhibition celebrates this excitement of travel and new experiences. Etymologically, the word “wanderlust” traces back to the medieval German “journeyman” or “wandergeselle” figure. The wandergeselle is on a pilgrimage of learning, moving from place to place, acquiring new techniques, in order to become master of their craft.

Like Dard Hunter and the wandergeselle, we are all participating in an acquisition of knowledge through independent explorations. For this exhibition, the members of the Friends of Dard Hunter contribute two handmade paper “postcards” as expressions of their own personal journeys. Together these exhibited postcards serve as a visual testament to the experience, history, creativity, and craft brought together each year when the friends meet.

Taking place at the Willock & Sax Gallery during Paper Points North Conference at the Banff Centre.

Alberta Art History

Seeing the province through artist's eyes - we have a number of works in the gallery from the 1970s and 1980s by Alberta artists, many of whom travelled and taught art throughout the province via the Department of Extension, University of Alberta as well as The Banff Centre. Others simply enjoyed the landscape and wanted to communicate their love of place to others.

Here is a selection: Don Frache (1919-94) based out of Lethbridge (remember the Marquis Hotel?); George Weber (1907-2002) who travelled every where to teach printmaking, hence we have works from Lake Louise to the Radway, north to south, east and west; Joan van Belkum (1923-2014), who spent her time in the southeast part of the province; and Murray MacDonald (1898-1989), another extensive traveller, who not only taught in Edmonton but also at the Banff Centre along side A.Y. Jackson.

Yuriko Kitamura

– In celebration of the Japanese Film Festival at the Lux Theatre on Friday, September 18, we are featuring the work of Yuriko Kitamura – her works of refined elegance on Japanese paper offer images sensitive to both her Japanese heritage as well as a love of her adopted country. Works of delicate refinement!"

August 27 - September 10

Chris Stoffel Overvoorde
- Fresh from the Studio

- featuring small oils from the artist's August 2015 residency at the Gushul Studio (University of Lethbridge) in Blairmore, AB.

Also - Drawing Workshop with Chris Stoffel Overvoorde

July 24 - 26

John Topelko - The Banff Centre Donation

The Banff Centre Donation - in 2014 John Topelko donated a sizeable number of his works to The Banff Centre in order to support their Artist’s Fund. We are pleased to represent John’s work, on behalf of the Banff Centre, knowing that a portion of every sale will realize this generous artist’s wish.

May 23 - 30

A Few Pots II - John Chalke RCA

A Few Pots II - along with earlier fired works, included is an installment of functional work fired just before and during John's memorial in 2014. An opportunity to see and own some of the final pieces worked on by this tremendous artist.

May 1 - 31

High Tea - May Cup III

High Tea with Sarah Pike, Mindy Andrews, and Lisa McGrath - explore the world of high tea with works by three dynamic, young ceramic artists.

May Cup III - annual ceramic group exhibition of cups with new work by Ed Bamiling, Barb Tipton, Bradley Keys and woodfired pieces from Robin Dupont and Dan Murphy who were faculty at the recent Banff Centre WOOD/SODA/FIRE/BANFF residency.

April 8 - 22

Jean Sheppard - Monotypes and Pastels

Monotypes and Pastels -a selection of subtle monotypes and bold pastels from an artist known for her intimate connection to the landscapes of southwestern Alberta.

Yuriko Kitamura - Japanese Paper Paintings

Japanese Paper Paintings -a painting exhibition of refined elegance with works on japanese paper of delicate flowers, quiet sanctuaries and inspiring mountains.

part of Banff's springstART Festival

February 2015

Allan Harding MacKay - Back to Banff Series

Throughout the month of February, during EXPOSURE Photography Festival and Banff’s SnowDays Festival, discover the mysterious world of Allan Harding MacKay. Back to Banff is a solo exhibition of mixed media works set in Banff, Nelson and Waterton by one of Canada’s esteemed visual artists. This evocative exhibition is on view at the Willock & Sax Gallery in Banff, February 1 to 28, 2015.

Part of Exposure Photography Festival and Banff's SnowDays Festival

January 2015

Cape Dorset Drawings - Online Feature

Tim Pitsiulak

Kavavaow Mannomee
Nicotye Samayualie

Long known for their stone lithographic prints, the artists of Cape Dorset have, over the last number of years, increasingly offered out their drawings. These works are increasingly exclusive pieces that can, on occasion, function as precursor drawings for the annual print collection. Developed with graphite, ink, colored pencil or chalk, the works show variety and versatility in both technique and content. The works are unique pieces, which, as all drawings do, provide us with immediate connection to the thinking and intent of these incredible artists of the north.

November 28 to December 21

Mitchell Fenton - Play on Painting

"Patriotism is not enough" Edith Cavell 1915 - a showcase of Mitchell's playful new series on painting.

Go beyond the frame, with the "Play Button" appearing on some of the paintings, viewers are prompted to go on an adventure in the gallery and view the changing landscapes, a time-lapse of flowers about to bloom or vintage mountain culture in action.

Part of Banff's WinterStart Festival

November 1 to December 30

Thomas Willock Landscapes

at the Banff Public Library

a select exhibition of film based, gelatin silver photographs.

Part of Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival

A Few Pots - John Chalke

part of The Makings V

"The real reason for making art, I think, is because it didn't work out, and then you go back to square one or square three or some square..."
John Chalke (Collins, 9)

During The Makings V, we are pleased to offer a selection of function ware works by John Chalke, who passed away earlier this year, these works have varying histories: some were made a number of years ago, some more recently. They range from his small bottles to bread plates with hand-drawn bird designs, his Alberta Beef Mugs (1970s) and Christmas plates (1980s), as well as a selection of his Early Calgary plates from the 1980s.

November 15 - December 15

Christmas Prints and Drawings

a group exhibition

our annual Christmas Celebration, moved up a bit to a different date, with its wonderful array of historical and contemporary prints and drawings by a number of artists including Jeremy Mayne, E. Ross Bradley, John Topelko, D. Helen Mackie, George Weber, Thelma Manarey, W.J. Phillips, Margaret Shelton, plus others.

Printmaking is the process of making artwork by printing, normally on paper. Printmaking normally covers only the process of creating prints that have an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction of a painting. Except in the case of monotyping, the process is capable of producing multiples of a same piece, which is called a print. Each print produced is not considered a "copy" but rather is considered an "original". This is because typically each print varies to an extent due to variables intrinsic to the printmaking process, and also because the imagery of a print is typically not simply a reproduction of another work but rather is often a unique image designed from the start to be expressed in a particular printmaking technique. A print may be known as an impression. Printmaking is chosen not only for its ability to produce multiple impressions, but also for the unique qualities that each of the printmaking processes lends itself to.

Prints are created by transferring ink from a matrix or through a prepared screen to a sheet of paper or other material. Common types of matrices include: metal plates, usually copper or zinc, or polymer plates for engraving or etching; stone, aluminum, or polymer for lithography; blocks of wood for woodcuts and wood engravings; and linoleum for linocuts. Screens made of silk or synthetic fabrics are used for the screen-printing process, such as for serigraphs.

Multiple impressions printed from the same matrix form an edition. Since the late 19th century, artists have generally signed individual impressions from an edition and often number the impressions to form a limited edition; the matrix is then destroyed so that no more prints can be produced. Prints may also be printed in book form, such as illustrated books or artist’s books.

Part of Banff's Christmas Market celebration

November 1 - 30

Mountain Studies

a group exhibition

Malcolm Andrews, in his book Landscape and Western Art, talks of how "we privately respond both to our natural environment and to pictures of that environment".

Mountain Studies at the Willock & Sax Gallery showcases the consequences of artists spending time in the mountains. It is a group exhibition of mountain paintings and drawings by seasoned mountain travellers who use brush, pencil and/or camera to express their interpretation of their experience. Included in Mountain Studies exhibition are works by artists who have hiked, painted plein air, produced along the way or brought back materials to ‘work up’ in the studio.

We bring as much to the process, whether we have climbed to the mountain top, looked down the deep valley, wandered the alpine meadows, or looked up from the valley bottom. The works in Mountain Studies were produced out of a need to express; in turn they elicit our response to the dramatic environment that we call the mountain landscape.

The Makings V - featuring Robin Dupont

celebrating our fifth annual group exhibition of ceramics, featuring the work of Robin Dupont from his newly constructed Anagama Kiln.

Throughout the month of November discover the panoply of new ceramics at the Willock & Sax Gallery. The gallery is hosting its fifth annual group exhibition of contemporary ceramic works by established senior gallery artists, a selection of innovative mid-career, and a number of emerging ceramicists.

Ceramic artists included are Barb Tipton, Bradley Keys, Sarah Pike, Mindy Andrews, Lisa McGrath, Jeannie Mah, Ed Bamiling, Katrina Chaytor, Ruth Chambers, Emily Schroeder Willis, Do-Hee Sung, Reed Weir, and more.

This year’s feature artist is Robin Dupont, who is excited to show off work from his newly constructed Anagama Kiln. Admired for his surfaces, studio potter Robin DuPont makes fine art ceramic pieces as well as a wide variety of handmade functional pottery. He specializes in wood firing techniques that utilize wood as the sole source of fuel to fire his kiln to extremely hot temperatures, often without glaze, to leave a rich, earthy one-of-a-kind surface on each piece.

Join us to explore the rich artistic contributions by a varied body of artists.

Part of Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival

September 14 - October 5

Rocky Roamings

Robert Sinclair RCA + Joel Sinclair

recent watercolors

Drop-In & Draw

- workshop with father and son duo Robert and Joel Sinclair, plus

Sinclair Workshop with Banff Community High School Students sponsored by Willock & Sax Gallery

Part of Culture Days Activities

September 6

A Visit with Chris Stoffel Overvoorde

New watercolors and other works - exploring the edge of the prairie, where the sky, the prairie, and the mountains meet.

Meet the artist, Saturday, September 6, 3 to 5 pm

July Feature

Welcome to Banff Series

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

we are pleased to welcome Allan to the gallery with his new BANFF SERIES - a series of mixed media works: charcoal, chalk pastel, wax, damar, oil pastel, ink jet on paper

Cape Dorset Sculpture

New Arrivals - June 1 to 30

Inuit Sculpture
- traditional and contemporary works by established and emerging artists.

May 1 - 31

May Cup

Second Annual welcome to spring, a group exhibition celebrating cups and mugs and all things cheerful.

April 5 - 19

Observe + Distill

Art offers us ways to communicate, react, connect and respond to our environment; this group exhibition of contemporary paintings explores these multiple narratives and refined layers of meaning.

Part of Banff's SpringstART Festival

Roger Olson - New Works

Roger loves wood, which is apparent when you touch and feel the warmth of his pieces. All works are unique - one of a kind.

February 1- 28

E. Ross Bradley - Studies in Motion

Utilizing photography to study physical movement the artist incorporates references to the medium’s history and the world of performance.

Jeannie Mah - Portugal Series

Well-known for her fine porcelain work, in this series Jeannie Mah has produced photo embedded porcelain pieces of supreme delicacy.

Part of Banff's SnowDays Festival and Exposure Photography Festival

January 11 - 25

Cape Dorset: New Generation

Contemporary sculpture and original drawings by Baffin Island artists.

Part of Banff's SnowDays Festival

The shifting expression of contemporary Inuit artists incorporates representations of daily life – so we see freight canoes and motors; modern parkas and jackets and straight landscapes. Nevertheless, the strength of these works acknowledges rather than denies tradition; this speaks to the continuity of their approach.

Long known for their stone lithographic prints, the artists of Cape Dorset have, over the last number of years, increasingly offered out their drawings. These works are exclusive pieces that sometime function as precursor drawings for the later annual print collection. Developed with graphite, ink, or chalk, the works show variety and versatility in both technique and content. Many works in the gallery are unique pieces, which, as all drawings do, provide us with immediate connection to the thinking and intent of these incredible artists of the north.

Cape Dorset serpentine ranges in color from light yellow-green to black. Although a hard stone, in skilled hands the serpentine offers the opportunity to achieve flowing forms, lines bold and delicate, as well as a glistening, elegant finish. Some of the artists have utilized contrasting textures on the stone to create interest. Sites for finding the stone are many miles east of Dorset. Artistic imagination and dexterity provides for a wonderful, whimsical range of the traditional and contemporary content in this grouping of sculptures by both young and more established artists.

December 1 - 30

Prints and Drawings

Christmas Party 2013

Celebrate the holiday season and find that special gift with our annual exhibition of contemporary and historical prints and drawings.

Castle Carolers at 1 pm

Part of Banff's WinterStart Festival

November 1 - 30

The Makings IV

The Makings IV continues our annual gallery’s focus on ceramics during the month of November. Once again we offer a wide variety of sculptural and functional ceramic works from a wide range of artists from across Alberta and other parts.

Part of Banff's WinterStart Festival

Mitchell Fenton

Ways of Mountains

The Toronto based artist believes that the land shapes our history and all connect to it, whether that is a lone hiker, a bird, an animal. His large oil/canvas works explore this interaction in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes.

Part of Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Dave Sheppard

Why NOT Wilderness?


Part of Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

A plea for wild places in the Canadian West by Dave Sheppard - It is a common perception that Canada is mostly wilderness. Perhaps this was true 150 years ago. Perhaps it was true 50 years ago. But today, this is no longer the case. Led by the logging, mining, and oil and gas industries, we are losing the Canadian wilderness at an astonishing rate of which the massive strip mining of the Alberta Tar Sands is the best-known recent example. The Tar Sands gold rush exemplifies a depressing failure of values by Canadian governments, both provincial and federal - a failure to value the protection of wilderness, wildlife, and wild places. Unlike the United States, Canada has no National Wilderness Act and only feeble environmental legislation overall. As a result, some species - woodland caribou, foothills grizzly bears, burrowing owls, and sage grouse come immediately to mind - are on the verge of extirpation in Canada. Why NOT Wilderness? urges Canada and Canadians to legislate a comprehensive program of wilderness protection before it is too late.

September 20 - October 6

Robin Dupont

Solo Exhibition

a solo exhibition by Robin Dupont, shortlisted for the RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award, of utilitarian ceramic objects as “conduits for social circumstance.”

Part of Culture Days

Shortlisted for 2013
RBC Emerging Artist People's Choice Award

"Robin DuPont's pots exude the essence of aesthetic conviction, skillful discernment, clarity of strong form and a master's control of the flame path. He captures the atmosphere and turmoil of a wood or soda kiln to create a brushed magic on the surfaces of his pots; pots that embrace their inherent purpose to enhance daily life, authentic in their role to serve and undeniable in their sensuous beauty." Katrina Chaytor, nominator, Ceramics Faculty, Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, Alberta.

Bradley Keys

A Bradley Keys work was on loan from our gallery to the Okotoks Art Gallery for the exhibition 'Art of Fishing', curated by Mary-Beth Laviolette. The show took place during the summer of 2013.

Tuesday, July 23

Jane Lytton-Gooch

Mount Robson-Spiral Road of Art


Mount Robson: Spiral Road of Art celebrates the centennial of Mount Robson Provincial Park with over a century of remarkable landscape paintings inspired by the Robson region in the Canadian Rockies.

3 to 5 pm

published by Rocky Mountain Books

May Cup

Ring in spring with a good cup for tea or coffee. Find the right one, or why not a set, to fit your hand. This group show is all about cups, to hold or to hang, during the month of May. Fine art mixes with function as we show ceramic wall sculpture and unique cups and saucers alongside delicate porcelain cups and robust stoneware mugs that hold a "good cup of tea".

Her Stories

May 1 - 10

Usher in spring with an exhibition and sale of Irene McCaugherty’s bright, fun, and colorful watercolors telling stories of early times in Southern Alberta.

Modern Masters
April 1 - 30

Part of Banff's springstART Festival

Showcasing works starting from the late 1930s by artists such as Margaret Shelton, Murray MacDonald, Luke Lindoe, H.G. Glyde, Walter Phillips, Walter Drohan and others.

D. Helen Mackie RCA

D. Helen Mackie, RCA

"Showcasing a wonderful collection of interconnections..."

For more information on our exhibitions please contact us, subscribe to our newsletter, or check our website for updates.