Allan Harding MacKay RCA

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

Banff Blue

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

Reception, Saturday, August 18, 3 to 5

A new series and a farewell - Banff Blue is AHM's final series created in Banff, since, for the time being, he is leaving his home here to return to the east coast.

The artist has long united painting and photography within his practice to position the viewer between illusion and reality. Based on spontaneous snap-shots gathered from his daily walks in Banff, the artist has then altered that image in advance of drawing into it with pastels, ink, charcoal and wax.

This new series of abstracted mountain scenes evoke mystery among the mists and trees, referencing the artist's earlier Banff, Boreal and Boreal Smoldering Series, all the while putting forward ideas of sublime other worlds, enigmatic endings and new beginnings.

Within a 21st C. context, this powerful combination invites evocations of moody sublimity, contemplation of the art history of landscape, as well as introspection of our reactions to environment – dramatic or otherwise.


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