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Les Graff RCA

Les Graff RCA

Until September 30

Les Graff
Quartet Show

Les Graff RCA is the Willock & Sax Gallery feature artist during the Banff International String Quartet Competition (BISQC), August 26– September 1, and continues until the end of September.

Now in his 80s Graff is concentrating on colour, visual texture and media with less involvement with the idea of a subject. He is enjoying this unadulterated involvement. Even in his prior works he moved away from natural forms and appearances by adopting symbols and metaphoric forms to speak to the ‘spirit of locations.’ His intent was to give particular landscape elements monumental strength.

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - September.

Reception Date Saturday, September 28, noon to 5 pm.

Chris Stoffel Overvoorde Prof.E.

Chris Stoffel Overvoorde Prof.E.

Until mid-October

Chris Stoffel Overvoorde
POP-UP Exhibition

Process was important to Chris Stoffel Overvoorde and was the foundation of all his work. The discipline of skill is essential and for the artist painting started with drawing. Our September POP-UP feature of Stoffel Overvoorde’s work, which was planned with Chris, begins with preliminary drawings and follows through to finished paintings.

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Chris Stoffel Overvoorde, who loved to paint our Canadian clouds. An art professor at Calvin College (Michigan) since the 1960s, he found the Canadian landscape in the early 1990s and continued to draw, design and paint here into his 80s. His major interest remained space and atmosphere.

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