Nathalie Thibault

In my work, I set up unpredictable systems in a constant state of flux in an approach to abstraction that aspires to being gestural, free and fruitful. My painting is underpinned by intimacy and the ephemeral, mobilizes intention and intuition, accident and attention, which affect one another, each in its turn determining the final result.

One of the features of my work lies in my desire to create a raw pictorial object in which the process of creation is as apparent as its outcome. My work discloses the importance I accord the action of painting, its complexity. Therefore, my formal research is not solely plastic; it involves researching correlations between my actions and matter, with the object of reducing gaps.

I seek out radical gestures that act as counterpoint within the overall spatial organization and stress, above all, figure/ground tension.

Thibault emphasizes materials and process over concept, as Bruce Grenville (VAG) states “it is a performative action and ontological enterprise, where doing and making are uncoupled from representation.” The artist encourages accidents and irregularities within her process of letting the “matter of the painting matter.”

Nathalie Thibault was a semi-finalist in the 2009 RBC Canadian Painting Competition and shortlisted for 100 Painters of Tomorrow (2013). Her work has been included in group exhibitions in Quebec City, at the Musee d’art Contemporain de Montreal, the Power Plant, Toronto and Vancouver Art Gallery. Thibault received an MFA from Laval University (2005).

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