Roger Olson

Wonderful Wood Workings

Fine Craftsmanship - Terrific Design

The bowls, vases and furniture pieces that Roger Olson creates from maple, mayday, cherry, local poplar and many other woods confirm his enjoyment to create with his hands.

I love wood and the freedom of expressing what I want. I trust my eye. New expressions come from not being afraid to challenge an original idea.

From the elegant lines of a spalted maple vase to the highly crafted design of a cherry and poplar table, Olson's work shows both his craftsmanship and his imagination. The size, shape and grain of wood plank determine its inner form; however Roger will often maneuver the piece of work a number of different ways to develop his particular vision.

Olson takes part in Woodturning Conferences across Western Canada, where his work has received high honors in Alberta Woodworking & Tool Shows as well as other woodturning exhibits. Roger had solo exhibitions at the Lethbridge Public Library and at the Galt Museum, Lethbridge (2008) and two solo exhibitions at the Willock & Sax Gallery (2001, 2006).

The artist lives in Southern Alberta and has worked with wood for over 40 years. He is a cabinetmaker by trade stemming from a four-year apprenticeship degree in carpentry from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). He began woodturning by attending workshops given by Dr. Jim Farr.

Collections: Governor General of Canada Collection

Private collections: Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Ireland, the United States, and across Canada.