Sean Kunz

Taking mid-20th C. design as a reference, with hints of Scandinavia, Asia and South America, Sean Kunz emphasizes clean lines in his highly functional ceramic work. This clarity provides vessels that show to advantage his confidence with glaze and his apt decal application.

Born on the prairies (1979), but raised primarily in Victoria, B.C., Kunz was always interested in drawing and design, with a particular awareness of profile and line quality.

"I want my pots to have volume, to allude to their ability to contain and nourish and to have gesture without becoming too animated."

He returned to Alberta to attend the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary in 2000, with the intention of getting a design degree from the Visual Communication department. In his first year at ACAD he took a ceramic elective with an inspiring instructor named Gary Williams, who assured him that he could in fact make a living as a ceramic artist. It wasn’t until his second year at ACAD that he started taking a serious interest in functional work, and specifically high temperature atmospheric firing. Inspired by visiting potters and a wheel throwing class, he began throwing pots daily.

Slowly refining ideas and experimenting with off-round and altered forms, he developed a relationship with his material and the glazing and firing process. He enjoys the challenge of balancing functional and aesthetic components and the rhythm of working in the studio.

While finishing his BFA (2005) Sean took on a residency at Harbourfront Center in Toronto, which afforded him numerous exhibition, gallery and teaching opportunities. In 2007 he returned to Alberta. He works and teaches at the North Mount Pleasant Art Centre, Calgary.

2005 – Harbourfront Center, two year craft studio residency in ceramics. Toronto, Canada.
2004 – Medalta International Artist Residency. Medicine Hat, Canada.
2003 – The Banff Center- independent residency, wood kiln firings. Banff, Canada.

Select Group Exhibitions:
2018 – April Feature of New Work, Willock & Sax Gallery, Banff
2010 to 2015 - The Makings, Annual Group Exhibition, Willock & Sax Gallery, Banff
2007 - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto; On The Table, The Gardiner Museum, Toronto; Art Gallery of Winnipeg, Winnipeg; Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax; Proportion and Bliss, York Quay Centre, Toronto.
2006 - Downtown Urban Design Event, College St. Toronto; Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square; Contemporary Canadian Ceramics, Esplanade Gallery, Medicine Hat; Material World- Harbourfront Residents Show, York Quay Gallery. Toronto.
2005 - Graduating Students Show, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary; Convergence, Senior ACAD Ceramic Student Show, Art Central, Calgary.
2004 - Clay Dynamics, Medicine Hat Public Library, Medicine Hat; Transformations, ACAD Craft Department, Artspace Gallery, Calgary.

2006 – Toronto Outdoor Show, Honorable Mention, Ceramics.
2005 – Harbourfront Residency 1st. year Craft Studio Scholarship.
2003 - Shimpo Student Scholarship; Peggy Heer Memorial Summer Institute Ceramics Award; Jason Lang Scholarship.

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