Bradley Keys

b. 1968

Upcoming June Exhibition of Bradley Keys' work:

Mountain Peaks and Glacial Waters

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Bradley Keys is back in the studio with an emphasis on whimsy, flow and rhythm.

The artist has produced energetic vessels that speak, through his established palette, forms and textures, to prairies, mountains, fields, water and sky.

Bradley Keys is an artist long interested in what makes the earth work. He considers the rhythms of the landscape, the wind, and gravel under our feet, which he translates into ceramic vessels that encompass the greater scope. Known for his wonderful glazes that contribute to animated vessel forms, the works allow us to relate to prairie sloughs, grain fields, mountain reaches and alpine meadows.

Artists Statement

I am constantly experimenting with different construction techniques, textures, glazes, and finishes in order to capture the essence of something that inspires awe. The colours of a stormy prairie sky at dusk, the textures of grass blowing in the wind, the pattern of light cutting through a crystal clear mountain stream to the rocks below. It is through these elements that I create work that quietly reveals itself over time.

My work has, for the past 20 years, explored my sense of time and place with the prairies and foothills being hugely influential. I have used visual cues from the environment around me to inform my design sense and artistic concepts: the grain elevator, as an example, is one component of a visual language that I developed to express my relationship with place and our shared history. Through the use of texture, color, and iconography, I developed a rich visual vocabulary to convey these concepts.

Now I am incorporating quintessential man-made structures into my vessels. Forms and patterns refer to steel beams and wooden trestle supports, which occasionally engulf earth and field patterns found on the vessels and bowls. The juxtaposition of rigid, industrial structures against sinuous, flowing vessels references my real world experience: a cascading stream flowing through a coulee underneath the intricate lacework of an iron railroad trestle bridge - contrasting features that work together to create a well-known scene. Much like our environment, these elements interplay in my pieces to create often-familiar yet intentionally ambiguous works.


1992-1994     Alberta College of Art and Design (BFA with Distinction).
1990-1992     Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.
1985-1989     University of Calgary, B.Sc. in Zoology.

Solo Exhibitions:

2012, Grounded, Willock and Sax Gallery, Banff
2010, As the Crow Flows, Willock and Sax Gallery, Banff
2008, iPot, Willock and Sax Gallery, Banff National Park
2005, Elevators of Alberta, Willock and Sax Gallery, Waterton Lakes National Pk.
2001, Terra Sections, Willock and Sax Gallery, Waterton Lakes National Park

Selected Exhibitions Group:

2011, The Makings II, Willock and Sax Gallery, Banff
2010, Clay 2010, Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Alberta Craft Council Travelling Exhibition
2010, The Makings, Willock and Sax Gallery, Banff
2004, Clay Creates Culture, Alberta Potters' Association, VAAA Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Honourable Mention.
2003, Mugs and Jugs, Vessels of Libation, Alberta Craft Council Gallery, Edmonton
2002, Art vs Craft, The Great Debate, Alberta Craft Council Gallery, Edmonton
2002, Bradley Keys Pots, Generations Gallery, Stony Plain, AB
2000, Artwalk 2000, Eclectibles, Calgary, AB.
2000, Home on the Range, The Station Cultural Centre, Okotoks, AB.
2000, Cover Stories, Alberta Craft Council Gallery, Edmonton, AB.
1999, Vanishing Icons, Provincial Museum, Edmonton, AB, travelling
1999, Tea for the Taking, Alberta Craft Council Vault Gallery, Edmonton.
1998  Clay Invitational, West End Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
1998, Clay, Spirits from the Earth, Alberta Craft Council Vault Gallery, Edmonton.
1997, Artwalk 97, Provenance Gallery, Calgary.  
1997, Quality Trademark Show, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton
1996  Vessels in Celebration, APA 25th Anniversary Show, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, travelling.
1995  Treetop Art Walk, Invermere, B.C.
1995, Half Dozen of the Other, Marion Nichol Gallery, Invitational ACA Alumni show, Calgary.
1995, Made in Alberta, APA juried show, Karuna Gallery, Calgary.
1995  Earth Shines, Sunlife Plaza, Calgary.
1995, Birthday Show, Provenance Gallery, Calgary.
1995, FLUX, Ceramics Department Graduating Show, Art is Vital, Calgary.
1995, ACA Graduating Show,  Alberta College of Art.


1994 The Board of Governor's Award, Nominee; Louise McKinney Post Secondary Scholarship, Nominee; 1993 Louise McKinney Post Secondary Scholarship for Academic Excellence; Culpepper and Mile-Hi Ceramics Prize; Dr. J. C. Sproule Memorial Scholarship; 1985 Alexander Rutherford Scholarship;


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Alberta Foundation for the Arts
University of Lethbridge
Private Collections:
Canada, United States, Singapore, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom

 Bradley Keys

"Maybe when they're holding something, a mug or a little pot or something, to notice this couldn't have been made in a mold, it really can't be mass produced, which is kind of one of the things I try to go for." (Bradley Keys in "Ceramicist sees fundamental shifts in social interactions" by Dominique Carrier (Rocky Mountain Outlook, 28 August 2008. Bradley in his studio, 2008.