Noah Jaw

1976 -

Cape Dorset - Kinngait

Noah Jaw comes from a family of artists including his father, well-established carver and Mayor of Cape Dorset Matthew Saviadjuk Jaw, brothers Kellipalik and Ricky Jaw, and Aunt Geela Jaw, an emerging textiles artist. He s renowned for his strong, clean design and unique approach. He has particular interest in Hunters in Kayak carvings, which often include many ropes of leather and small tools and spears carved from bone and antler.

The artwork of Noah Jaw has been exhibited in Vancouver, Toronto, Banff, and New York City.

Inuit Art is born of various regional styles, Cape Dorset is an internationally renowned artistic community in Canada’s north. Rooted in a love of naturalism and an interest in wild life and the spirit world these unique sculptures incorporate the flamboyant, dramatic and decorative. Cape Dorset serpentine ranges in color from light yellow-green to black. Although a hard stone, in skilled hands the serpentine offers the opportunity to achieve flowing forms, lines bold and delicate, as well as glistening, elegant finishes. Sites for finding the stone are many miles east of Dorset.