Mitchell Fenton

Upcoming Exhibition for SnowDays 2020

As we have come to expect, Mitchell Fenton's works are rich with history as the artist has painted in well-loved places and historic buildings in spectacular locations.

In keeping with the strong tradition of landscape painting in Canada, Mitchell Fenton’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is evident in his paintings, particularly those of Western Canada and the Canadian Rockies.

Bow Lake is at an elevation of 1,920 m (6,300 ft), it is one of the largest lakes in Banff National Park. Fed by meltwater from the Bow Glacier in the Wapta Icefield, the lake lies at the base of Bow Summit.

Fenton paints plein air, with oil on small wood panels. His set-up is very portable, enabling him to hike into remote areas. Hiking is an integral part of his process; it enables a clearing of the mind, acceleration of the pulse – all in anticipation of stopping to begin a composition, whether it be in small details of the lichen and wildflowers, or cropped abstract patterns of rocks meeting a lake, to the perfect alignment of a grand vista. He searches for the authentic.

Tunnel Mountain - Banff resident Anne Ness, hiked up Tunnel Mountain more than 8,000 times over a 40-year period, averaging 200 ascents a year.

Back in the studio, some panels are chosen and worked up into larger canvases. His works are intended to help us identify our connection to the land, which he considers shape our history and influence our lives.

Mt. Assiniboine is an matterhorn mountain: an isolated tower or horn formed when bowl-shaped depressions called cirques are carved into three or four faces of the mountain by glacier ice.

Mitchell Fenton was born in Winnipeg in 1962. He attended classes for many years at the Forum Art Institute in Winnipeg. After a brief time at the Clifton Studios in Winnipeg working as a potter, he went on to study at the Ontario College of Art. He graduated from OCAD in 1986.

The Lake Agnes Tea House was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1901.

Hot Springs - 130 YEARS

Banff National Park’s Upper Hot Springs (1886-2016) celebrated 130 years in 2016.  This festivity prompted Parks Canada to commission Hot Springs Postcards from Mitchell Fenton. At our gallery we are excited to provide you with the opportunity to “own a piece of history” as we have for sale Mitchell’s original oil paintings from the project.