Linda Craddock

mixed media on birch panels that begin with a photograph and work up, layer by layer of oil and pencil, to offer the essence of place, sight, and experience.

Artist Statement

The movement of water continues to inspire my work. "Marble Canyon" features rushing green blue water and canyon rockery that twists and swirls down deep crevices that open with great force and breadth. The tinder landscape, recovering from a great fire years ago, has left the canyon open to sunlight and laced with gold.

As with my series "Canyon Melt" that has as its subject, Johnston Canyon at the time of the spring thaw, I work with the peripheral aspect of light on water. I have added the reflective hue of gold evident in Marble Canyon. The manipulative immediacy of paint, enables the subject and object to merge and transform. What remains is a mirage and as such, a more profound, and personal art form.

I use manipulated digital video and still photography as source material for my painting activity. These small-scale works use manipulated photographic images as collage elements. I use cradled birch panel in conjunction with acrylic paint, pencil, oil paint and oil glazes.