E. Ross Bradley AOCA, ASA



Photographs in series by an artist who recognizes themes from diverse angles. Whether it is figures, textures or panoramas the artist’s expressive images consider interactions and relationships.

E. Ross Bradley photographs in series and recognizes themes from diverse angles. Whether it is figures, textures or panoramas, the artist’s expressive images consider interactions and relationships. Many artists dislike and avoid creating themed work, preferring to develop a body of work free from restrictions or external pressure. Bradley, on the other hand, relishes the challenge.

“Coming One After Another”, part of the definition of a series, explores a theme from different angles to focus in on what might work and how best to express an idea. The artist uses a variety of different tools applied to the original image.

In recent years, the artist has become intrigued by the panorama format in his digital photographic work. It started as a response to the vastness of the Alberta landscape and has since moved into his work with the figure and more intimate urban spaces. An old friend once likened it to looking at the world through the windshield of your car or your rear-view mirror. Starting with “New York Panorama”, now the artist is considering “Banff Panorama”. Dating back three generations, the town site and surrounding mountains and rivers have played an important in his family’s life. These images are homage to that legacy.

E. Ross Bradley has a long-standing love affair with Banff. Dating back three generations, the town site and surrounding mountains and rivers have played an important part in his family’s life.

Also, while working at the Banff Springs Hotel in the 1960s, Ross Bradley photographed the “Banff Indian Days” Parade, which is the basis of his Polaroid transfer series. Each print is numbered 1 of 1 since each one is unique (no two transfer the same), the artist has limited the printing of each image to 25.

A Brief Note on Polaroid Transfers

There are two kinds of Polaroid transfers: image and emulsion.

Image transfers are made when the film isn't given a chance to fully develop because the image is transferred onto another material first. Image transfers have the look of a watercolor painting; slightly softened and diffused.

Emulsion transfers are made by lifting the image from a Polaroid print that has already been fully developed and dried and then transferring that emulsion onto another material. Emulsion transfers can be stretched, wrinkled, and transferred to 3-D objects.

Like the earliest polaroids (1947), which measured 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches (8.25 x 10.8 cm), Ross Bradley's polaroid transfer works have an inherent preciousness. The need to be close to these works immediately secures a personal and romantic bond with the image, whether it springs from the nostalgia of Banff Indian Days or the Arctic Poppies at Lake Louise.

Dr. Erwin H. Land (1909-91) invented the polaroid process (1947) and founded The Polaroid Corporation (1948).


1972, BA (Fine Arts), University of Guelph, Guelph, ON
1970, A.O.C.A. (Design), Ontario College of Art, Toronto, ON

Public Commissions:

Red Deer and District Museum, Red Deer, Alberta

Public Collections:

A.E. LePage, Edmonton, AB
Edmonton Public School Board, Edmonton, AB
Pan Canadian Petroleum, Calgary, AB
Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Grande Prairie, AB
Smyth Radcliffe and Associates, Calgary, AB
The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton, AB
The Prairie Art Gallery, Grande Prairie, AB
University of Alberta Hospitals, Edmonton, AB
Vencap Equities Alberta Ltd., Edmonton, AB
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, AB
Canadian Airlines


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Solo Exhibitions

Coming One After Another - Digital Series, Celebrate Canada 150, Willock and Sax Gallery, Banff, February Feature 2017
Optical Play: Polaroid Emulsion Transfers, Willock and Sax Gallery, Banff, 2008
Intimate Exchanges, An Exhibition of Polaroid Transfers, Electrum Design Studio, Edmonton, 2001
Intimate Reflections: An Exhibition of Polaroid Transfers, Muse Gallery, Grande Prairie, 2001
Details, Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton, 1995
Japanese Prints, Gulf Canada Gallery, Calgary, 1989
Front Gallery, Edmonton, 1985
Paperworks Gallery, Calgary, 1983
Bow River Odyssey, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, 1983
Paperworks Gallery, Calgary, 1982
Shadows Gallery, Edmonton, 1982
The Church Gallery, Ottawa, 1981

Group Exhibitions

Doing Leonard Cohen Exhibition The Rice Theatre Lobby, Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta,2002
People Lebel Mansion Gallery, Pincher Creek, Alberta,2002
Go Figure Alberta Craft Council Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,2001
Naked in Grande Prairie Muse Gallery, Grande Prairie, Alberta,2001
Out Of Bounds: Naked Number 9 Harcourt House Arts Centre, Edmonton, Alberta,2001
Pantheon Fringe Gallery (PaintSpot), Edmonton, Alberta,2001
Fygure or Lykenesse: Life Drawings Upstairs Gallery/Great Bear Framing, Edmonton, Alberta,2000
It's In the Cards: Alberta Artists Explore the Mystery of the Tarot The Works International Visual Arts Festival, The Rice Theatre Lobby, Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta,2000
Officially Naked/Works Approved The Works International Visual Arts Festival, Harcourt House Art Centre, Edmonton, Alberta,2000
Open To The Public McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta,2000
South of 9, East of 23 Medicine Hat Cultural Centre, Medicine Hat, Alberta,2000
Equus - The Exhibition Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta,1999
Figuratively Speaking Willock & Sax Ltd. Gallery, Waterton, Alberta,1999
Friends and Mentors Revisited Muttart Public Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta,1999
No Dress Code* The 7th Annual Naked Exhibition, Harcourt House Art Centre, Edmonton, Alberta,1999
out with a BANG: 11th Annual Members Exhibition Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1999
Saints and Sinners - Presented by the Alberta Society of Artists The Works International Visual Arts Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1998
Still Naked After All These Years The Works International Visual Arts Festival, Harcourt House Art Centre, Edmonton, Alberta,1998
Buck Naked The Works Festival/Harcourt House, Edmonton, Alberta,1997
Carmina Burana The Works Festival//ASA/Manifesto Gallery & Bistro, Edmonton, Alberta,1997
From the Dust of the Earth Electrum Design Studio & Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1997
Fully Exposed Manifesto Gallery & Bistro, Edmonton, Alberta,1997
Naked IV The Works Festival/Harcourt House, Edmonton, Alberta,1996
Au Plein Air Profiles Gallery, St. Albert, Alberta,1995
Eclectic Art Red Deer & District Museum, Red Deer, Alberta,1995
Naked III The Works Festival/Harcourt House, Edmonton, Alberta,1995
Provincial ASA Exhibition Museum of the Regiments, Calgary, Alberta,1995
'Till You Drop The Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1995
Tribute - Fifteen Years of Alberta Craft McMullen Gallery, Univertity of Alberta Hospitals, Edmonton, Alberta,1995
4 x 4 The Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1994
Diversity in Action Harcourt House, Edmonton, Alberta,1994
kaleidoscope Profiles Gallery, St. Alberta, Alberta,1994
Naked II The Works Festival/Harcourt House, Edmonton, Alberta,1994
Once Upon A Time McMullen Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1994
The Myth of Male Power Kamena Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1994
Couples The Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1993
Naked Harcourt House Annex, Edmonton, Alberta,1993
The Figure Refigured The Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1993
Figuratively Speaking Beaver House, Edmonton, Alberta,1992
Postcards from Edmonton Nova Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1992
Something Complete Different Old Court House Gallery, Red Deer, Alberta,1992
Best Foot Forward ASA 60th Anniversary Exhibition, Beaver House, Edmonton, Alberta,1991-92
Sand, Fire and Light McMullen Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1991
1990 at the Front Front Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1990
Artifacts of Past Lives The Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1990
ASA at the Front Front Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1989
Towards a New Canadian Mythology The Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1989
Trees, Gravel, Water, Rocks The Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1989
Selfportrait The Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta,1988
Alberta/A Sense of Place Alberta Art Foundation, Travelling Exhibition Program, Alberta,1987
En Route Paperworks Gallery, Calgary, Alberta,1987
Alberta Pavilion, EXPO 86, Vancouver, British Columbia,1986
On the Road to Kobe Front Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta,1986
Japanese Impressions Gulf Canada Gallery, Calgary, Alberta,1985
Ten Approaches to Landscape Gulf Canada Gallery, Calgary, Alberta,1984
Canadian Perspectives Canadienne National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario,1981

Traveling Exhibitions

Bridging A New Century Red Deer, Stony Plain, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Blairmore, Grande Prairie, and Calgary, Alberta,2000-02
Symbols in Civilizations The Alberta Society of Artists' 65th Anniversary Traveling Exhibition, Various locations in Alberta,1996-97
My Name is Tom Three Persons Alberta,1992
Alberta Visions Japan,1991-93
The Human Condition Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program, Alberta,1990-92
Intimate Garden Alberta,1989-90
Japanese Brush Painting Japan,1988-89
Art is Our Game ASA Olympic Exhibition, Alberta,1988
Other Spaces Other Places Alberta Art Foundation, Travelling Exhibition Program, Alberta,1987
Alberta Impressions Japan,1986
OSA/ASA Exchange Alberta & Ontario,1984-85