Robert W. Sandford

Water is the subject in the Willock & Sax Gallery in June. Robert Sandford, one of the most respected experts in water and water-associated climate science, will speak about his most recent book Our Vanishing Glaciers. The book Our Vanishing Glaciers: The Snows of Yesteryear and the Future Climate of the Mountain West, featuring stunning photography, explains and illustrates why water is such a unique substance and how it makes life on this planet possible.

Focusing on the Columbia Icefield, the largest and most accessible mass of ice straddling the Continental Divide in western North America, and featuring photographs, illustrations, aerial surveys and thermal imaging collected over more than 40 years of the author's personal observations, the book reveals the stunning magnitude of glacial ice in western Canada.

Robert W. Sandford has spent a lifetime helping Canadians and others across the globe to understand the nature and value of the landscapes in which they live. He began his career with Parks Canada and then moved to UN linked initiatives such as the chair of the United Nations International Year of Mountains (2002); the chair of the United Nations International Year of Fresh Water and Wonder of Water Initiative in Canada (2003-4); and is presently the Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative of the United Nations International Water for Life Decade.

Reception: Saturday, June 23, 2018, 2 to 5 pm, with artist talks by Bradley Keys, Georgina Perkins Hunt and author Robert Sandford.