Ningeosiaq Ashoona

Ningeosiak Ashoona was born December 20, 1979 in Cape Dorset. Her mother was Mayoreak Ashoona and her father was Kaka Ashoona.

Ningeosiak, the youngest daughter in the family, was influenced by her father and started to carve around 1998. Ningeosiak is one of the most prolific young female carvers in Cape Dorest today. She uses both hand and power tools. The power tools allow her to speed up her production, as her family needs her carving income. She uses her hand tools to do the fine work and detailing that she is known for. Detail and animation are key marks of her sculpture.

Many of her carvings feature different versions of Sedna, Shamans and other mythological creatures. She is also well known for her loons and bears.

January 2014 – The New Generation, Willock & Sax Gallery
June 2007 - Ningeosiak Ashoona, Transformations, Gallery Philip, Toronto
December 2006-January 2007, Small Sculpture by Great Artists, Feheley Fine Arts, Toronto
2006 - Out of the Ordinary, Cape Dorset Sculpture, Gallery Indigena, Stratford, Ontario
2006 - Rhythms in Motion, Galerie d’art Vincent, Ottawa