Jackie Anderson RCA


Her exploration of concept, line, colours and materials result in evocative and whimsical works inspired by the ever evolving visual language of our natural, cultural and urban landscapes.

An awarded Alumni of Excellence from the Alberta College of Art and Design(ACAD) in Calgary, Canada, Jackie Anderson is also a Platinum Level Member of the Metals Arts Guild of Canada, and Member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.In a 40+year studio and exhibition career Jackie has taught, mentored, lectured and has had her award winning work exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and publications in Canada, United States, Germany, Spain and Australia.

The design process and the evolution of 20th century art and design have long inspired this immensely talented artist to incorporate areas of our visual culture in her work. Working from elements of our urban landscape, particularly architecture, structural design and commercial signage, and away from the connotations of traditional precious jewelry, Anderson developed multimedia pieces in the form of miniature structures. From this a wearable piece of Jewellery could be removed. Another series grew out of visual culture, both literally and figuratively, when she focused on pieces using parts of, making reference to and the actual making of eyewear. Having worn glasses most of her life, she recognize that they are a major part of how a person is viewed, and how an individual views the world.

Jackie Anderson is a 1976 graduate of the Jewellery and Metal Arts Program, and a 2002 recipient of an Alumni Award of Excellence from the Alberta College of Art and Design. As a full time artist she has worked in her medium for over 40 years, her work is represented in public collections including the Alberta Foundation of the Arts, the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

She has presented workshops and lectures at Canadian universities, colleges, museums and galleries on her work and in the use of alternative materials and design. Anne Barros, Ornament and Object: Canadian Jewellery and Metal Art (Boston Mills Press, 1997) singled out Anderson’s work for its “use of unusual material and evocation of place.” In 2002, she was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. At the 2016 Metal Arts Guild Canada 70th Anniversary exhibition, INNOVATION, Jackie Anderson received the coveted Design Award.

Anne Barros, Ornament and Object: Canadian Jewellery and Metal Art, 1946-1996. Boston Mills Press, 1997.