Featured work by five gallery artists

How to make a wonderful cup of tea:

1. gift or get a teapot you will love (make your choice from these beautiful teapots by Sean Kunz, Noriko Masuda, Terry Hildebrand, Dan Murphy and Robin DuPont).

2. follow the instructions below from the Banff Tea Company

Note all teapot heights include the top of the lid and widths include the handle.

Terry Hildebrand

The sharing of food, drink, fellowship, and play lie at the heart of our existence and the conscious ritual and enjoyment of these are greatly enhanced by the experience of the visual and tactile senses that the ceramic wares address.

Sean Kunz

Sean Kunz enjoys the challenge of balancing functional and aesthetic components and the rhythm of working in the studio.

Dan Murphy

My ceramic vessels are created swiftly and directly on a slow spinning potter's wheel. I usually work in series, developing one body of work at a time. My goal is to make gestural vessels that reflect my presence in the finished form.

Noriko Masuda

Noriko Masuda's work is imbued with an innate sense of Japanese minimalism and sports crisp colors fashioned in bold, yet, unostentatious, clean lines (Heidi McKenzie, Noriko Masuda, Ceramics Monthly, February 2016, p.32-5).

Robin DuPont

Robin DuPont specializes in atmospheric wood firing techniques that utilize wood as the sole source of fuel to fire his kiln to extremely hot temperatures, often without glaze, to leave a rich, earthy one-of-a-kind surface on each piece.

"How to make a good pot of tea"

from Siona Gartshore of the Banff Tea Co. (208 Caribou St, Banff)

A. Always heat your pot or cup first by rinsing it with some hot water, this warms up the teapot and allows it to keep the heat more efficiently.

B. Once the pot/cup is warm pour water over your loose tea and steep for the desired time.

C. In general, you use one teaspoon of loose tea (3g) per (6oz or 18ml) cup of water, whether you are using a pot or infuser. Traditionally (especially with black breakfast style teas) one extra teaspoon of dry loose tea extra can be added to the pot!

D. Use boiling water for black breakfast or herbal teas such as peppermint or rooibos. More delicate black teas should be steeped a little cooler at around 90C (194F). For green and white tea the water should not be boiling (instead have it closer to 80C (176F) degrees). Steep for under a minute to 2 minutes depending on the tea.

E. When steeping many teas it is also advisable to complete a very fast first steep (a few seconds) and throw away the first infusion, this is called ‘washing and or waking up the leaves’ which acts as a sort of cleaning of the leaves before you make your first steep for drinking.

F. When using a pot without an infuser inside it, the whole pot should be poured out into cups when the desired time is reached. Steeping tea too long will result in bitter and tangy tea.

G. With most green and white tea as well as oolong and high quality black tea, more than one steep of the leaves is possible.