Stone Sculpture

Peace and Learning Projects

Thank you to everyone for their interest and their purchases of works by the many talented Zimbabwean artists, which we featured in the gallery over these past few months. Funds have gone toward their purchase of a solar-energy freezer, which enables their greater independence as an artist's community.

Working with the premise that everyone in the world understands the words and concepts of peace, cooperation and learning, we are featuring work by a number of artists who fully embrace these ideas. Woven shuen paper works by Amy Loewan and serpentine sculpture from cooperatives in Cape Dorset (Baffin Island) and Tengenenge, Zimbabwe.

In the Tengenenge Artist Cooperative in Zimbabwe, East Africa a guiding principle is that younger artists learn from older artists, similar in structure to the Medieval Guild. This has a Canadian equivalency in the work from the Cape Dorset Cooperative from Baffin Island, Eastern Arctic. Interestingly, the beginnings of both cooperatives coincide in their timelines, starting in the latter part of the 1950s and early 1960s through to the present period; artists have worked with indigenous stone in both communities producing works that relate to their cultures and stories.

The Tengenenge Community, 2.5 hours north of Harare, is a center of sculptural activity and considered a significant participant in the cultural history of Zimbabwe. As a community it involves both the artists and their families. Within the turbulent politics and economy of the country, its geographic isolation has both aided and hindered its artists. It is with this in mind that we are partnering with friends, who have worked globally in the areas of education and health care, including Zimbabwe, since the 1980s, who are keenly interested in helping these artists. They asked our gallery to assist them to put funds directly into the artists’ hands. We are excited to be a part of this and know the acquisition of this work will bring great joy.

Michael Kasvinge

Percy Kuta

Isa Souvers

Loica Rabion

Tafadzwa Maisiri

Claudius Muhomba

Agripa Tirigu

Bysider Gaki

S. Mibio