Alariaq Shaa


Cape Dorset - Kinngait

Alariaq, brother of Pudlalik Shaa, is one of the sons of noted sculptor Aqjangajuk (Axangayuk) Shaa RCA. Aqjangajuk’s and Pudlalik’s influence on Alariaq’s work is evident in the incorporation of a number of elements such as a dynamic fluid line and attention to detail.

Alariaq enjoys choosing his stone and considers its various aspects before deciding what he will carve. He is getting known for his walrus and bear pieces.

Cape Dorset serpentine ranges in color from light yellow-green to black. Although a hard stone, in skilled hands the serpentine offers the opportunity to achieve flowing forms, lines bold and delicate, as well as a glistening, elegant finish. Sites for finding the stone are many miles east of Dorset.