Pitseolak Qimirpik

Pitseolak Qimirpik was born in Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay) in 1986.

Pitseolak began carving at thirteen years of age and has now been carving for over ten years. In typical Inuit tradition, Pitseolak learned to carve from his father, Kellypalik Qimirpik, who is one of Cape Dorset’s most well-known carvers. Some of his artwork is reminiscence of his father’s style.

Pitseolak is exceptional in that he shows his work to his parents, and the feedback he gets from his father only serves to make it better. He is encouraged by his father’s frank evaluation because he sees himself carving for the rest of his life. He truly dedicated to his art and is unafraid to develop and advance his art form in new directions.

The artist enjoys variety and carves “anything that comes into (my) head.” From traditional muskoxen, drum dancers, and dancing walruses to contemporary self-referential pieces that relate to his reality of living in the modern north, such as a model of the Co-operative Print Shop, depictions of the art-making process like young carvers and the ships that transport artwork to the south or the representation of young men listening to MP3 players.

Exhibitions: since 2006 in Canada, USA, Europe

Corporate Collections: TD Canada Trust