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We are pleased that five of our gallery artists have been filmed for the Landscape As Muse Series. Landscape as Muse is aired on Bravo!, SCN, Knowledge Network, CBC’s Bold & Documentary, ACCESS, AVRO (Netherlands), The Arts Channel (New Zealand), and episodes have been licensed for in-flight screenings on Air Canada. It has been purchased by the National Gallery of Canada, the Glenbow Museum, a variety of schools, and the Banff Centre. We have full season sets available at our gallery for purchase.

Landscape as Muse and the 291 Film Company were awarded a Gemini Award in 2008 and the CFTPA Indie Award in 2009.

The Gemini Award-winning Landscape as Muse documentary series showcases both the world-class artists and spectacular landscapes that are found in Canada. Following the artist's gaze, this beautiful cinematic program examines the inspirational relationship that exists between art and landscape.

With 51 episodes from nine provinces, two territories, and two countries; and featuring major Canadian artists like Joe Fafard, Aganetha Dyck, Peter von Tiesenhausen and Edward Burtynsky, Landscape as Muse has established itself as one of the most comprehensive documentary programs of contemporary Canadian visual arts that exists.

Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long.

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Season IV

Landscape as Muse Season IV

Episodes 40 to 45
-includes films on: David Alexander, Mary Anne Barkhouse, Robert Wiens, Dempsey Bob, Marlene Creates, Joe Fafard

Season V

Landscape as Muse Season V

Episodes 46 to 51
-includes films on: John Chalke, Fae Logie, Michael Belmore, Takao Tanabe, Thaddeus Holownia, Sandra Meigs

Director, Producer: Ian Toews, Victoria, BC

Season IV and V are $24.95 CDN each

Saskatchewan River Delta

Saskatchewan River Delta

52 minutes, $25.00 CDN



50 minutes, $25.00 CDN

Tom Willock

Five of our gallery artists are featured in Landscape As Muse episodes. Jane Isakson, Douglas Haynes, Peter von Tiesenhausen and Tom Willock in Season II and John Chalke in Season V

Landscape as Muse Season II

Full Season - $39.99 CDN
(13 episodes at 30 minutes each, episodes 14 through 26)

-includes films on: Jane Isakson, Dennis J. Evans, Keith Wolfe Smarch, Susan Shantz, Doug Haynes, Shirley Wiebe, Sally Milne, Tim Schouten, Richard E. Prince, Colleen Cutschall, Diana Lynn Thompson, Tom Willock, Peter von Tiesenhausen

Jane Isakson

Episode 14

White Pass with Jane Isakson White Pass is located in the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory near the Alaska border. As it is situated at the convergence of the wet Pacific coastal and the dry mid-continental climatic zones, this landscape is characterised by fierce storms and rapid seasonal changes. Working amid White Pass's chiselled mountains, gnarled trees, and crystal clear streams, painter Jane Isakson investigates the area’s colours and unique landforms. Later in the studio, Jane abstracts her earlier sketches into a series of canvases.

Doug Haynes

Episode 18

Peace-Athabasca Delta with Doug Haynes One of the largest freshwater deltas on earth, the Peace-Athabasca is a UNESCO world heritage site.  Hundreds of thousands of birds, including the endangered whooping crane, come here to nest.  From the air and on the ground, painter Doug Haynes draws upon the shapes, textures, and light of the delta for a series of paper works.  He provides us detailed insight into his process: transforming his initial impressions and experiences of the landscape by manipulating scale and media through collage.  Later in his Edmonton studio, Haynes further re-works and refines the original works on paper into large-scale canvases.

Tom Willock Episode 25 Waterton Lakes National Park with Tom Willock

Waterton Lakes National Park marks an abrupt convergence of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains.  This dramatic meeting of ecosystems and landforms makes the Waterton area one of the most biologically and geographically diverse locations in Canada.

Tom Willock's rich black and white large-format photographs capture the texture and drama of this landscape.  Underlying the aesthetic value of these images is an unwavering concern for the preservation of nature.

When I photograph something, I secure it in my own mind. I secure it for myself.  Just to show what we really are losing - or saving.  These photographs are real.  These aren't imaginary places, this is what our earth looks like.

This episode was purchased for screening by AVRO, a large broadcaster in the Netherlands.

  Peter von Tiesenhausen Episode 26 The Forest with Peter von Tiesenhausen

West-Central Alberta's Peace River country is a mosaic of aspen woodlands and fescue grassland laid out over the gently rolling foothills of the Rockies.  Here, amid Alberta's vast oil and gas fields and insatiable logging industry, Peter von Tiesenhausen's isolated farm has remained relatively untouched - except by his own hand.  Using materials that the land provides - trees, wood, pulp, rock, fire, ash - von Tiesenhausen, his home, and his art demonstrate an inextricable link to nature:

I use the landscape and nature because it's right here.  I understand it better than I understand anything else.  It becomes my philosophy.  It becomes my artwork.  It is co-creating with me

This episode was nominated for a Gemini Award (2007) and was accepted to the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula Montana (2008).

John Chalke Episode 46 The Searcher John Chalke

Governor General's Award-winning ceramicist John Chalke is an explorer, cowboy, and child at heart. His search for the perfect clay leads him to Saskatchewan's Frenchman River Valley. Later in his Calgary studio, he uses both rigorous and playful techniques as well as sophisticated glazes to create experimental pieces. Finally, a firing in his kiln transforms the earth into elegant works of art.

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